What are our expectations of members?

All  members must be active, which means you need to:

  • Engage regularly in our online community, including maintaining a personal profile available only to members, participating in discussions, and carrying out tasks to help with the smooth running of our activities;
  • Participate in at least one project every year, and report on your project work;
  • Pay annual subscriptions when they are due, and make donations to The Rotary Foundation; and
  • Invite other suitable people you know to join us.


New members will be matched with a mentor who will help to integrate them into out online community and answer their questions.

Joining process

We follow a four stage process, proceeding to the next stage only if the previous stage is cleared to our satisfaction:

1. The potential member fills out and sends us an Expression of Interest form.

2. The potential member provides three original written references and identifying documentation verified by Notary Public.  The identifying documentation needs to include date of birth.

3. The potential member will be interviewed, via Go To Meeting or Skype or face-to-face, and the three referees are interviewed.

4. The potential member pays the joining fee and subscription for the first year or part year.

During the membership process we gather personal information about you.  We will use your personal information only for club purposes.  We will not sell your information or share it with outsiders.  Your privacy is respected and protected.

We will keep in touch with you throughout the membership application process.  Our decision about whether or not to proceed to the next stage of the process if final and no reasons will be given for our decision.